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What Clients are saying

Thank you for an awesome job!

Marvel Avenger's Academy

Awesome job, Tom!

Papa John's

The most professional, responsive, and amazing voice actor I've ever worked with. Tom was given the part of the lead character in a 3-season series and completed all lines extremely quickly and was very open to retakes, feedback, and adjustment. Highly recommend!

Black Plasma Studios

Easy to work with. Very professional [as the voice of the Seattle Marathon Course Preview Video]

Amica Mutual

It was an absolute pleasure working with Tom! He is reliable, works insanely fast and does a wonderful job. He is a very kind person and easy to communicate with. Without a doubt, I'll be coming back to him for future projects!

Vera Lang, creator of "Heir" the animated series

Tom was a pleasure to work with from beginning to end! Pleasant, great communication, fast, made multiple revisions without complaints (revisions were due to the nature of the project, which was quite complicated, not his fault at all), and just exhibited overall professionalism throughout.

A.E.L. Publications

Professional and kind

Tom is a great voice actor to work with. He provides high-quality recordings and always gives many variations of his lines, all with different intonation and inflection. Even when given difficult and complex lines, Tom delivers them with emotion and impact.

Project Hand Soap, video game company

I received voice work from Tom and I have to say he was incredible to work with. His lines were always so expressive and he always managed to nail exactly what I was envisioning the line would sound like aloud. He's also fantastic about getting lines to you in a timely manor and he was always willing to do revisions.

Zack Hartwell - Creator of TheEliteChallenge



Alright! Keeping this professional, Tom is a very responsive, polite and energetic voice actor who really shows passion for what he does. I can't think of anyone else better for the role I cast him as anymore and I hope both him and the project go far. He most definitely deserves all the attention he gets going forward.


Tom has provided me with a perfect voice for one of my characters. 
Nice clean audio, speedy delivery time, perfect result. 
Highly recommended!

ToddCircle - Creator of Adventure Dog, The Series

Tom is a true pro. Quick delivery, great communication.

FableHQ, Inc.

Fantastic work! Tom had a quick turnaround and great quality on this project!

Green Shoot Media

"Tom Aglio gets plenty right in their emotional and scintillating performance. With such a commanding and entertaining presence, Tom Aglio was absolutely perfect for this role."

Respected Insight

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